The Artless Partisans of Lockdowns and Mandates ⋆ Brownstone Institute

Today’s culture has no soundtrack nor screenplay, a sign of an ill society. This is because about five years ago, liberals began “canceling” artists and academics, thus preventing intellectual progress from seeping into the mainstream — or eliminating prior progress altogether.

Eric Clapton’s charity concerts for Asian tsunami relief and Caribbean addiction recovery centers, for instance, now count for nothing. He has been branded a racist for speaking about his experience with Covid vaccination, and of course, raising money for blacks and Asians, along with recording an album with B.B. King, are exactly the things a racist would do.

Who are the cultural leaders of the Covid era who will be remembered in the printed word or the cinematic portrait? 

In fact, the great intellectual thought emerging from our times is coming from those opposing vaccine mandates and Covid fearmongering.
These names run across the political spectrum, but those from the left are universally categorized by liberals as being “alt-right” or “fringe libertarian,” ensuring that they remain marginalized and carry whatever stigma goes along with being relegated to the internet.
One just has to consider a film like Dallas Buyers Club, which dramatized the true story of a group of AIDS patients in Texas that had to surreptitiously smuggle their life-saving medications from Mexico. Nobody has made a film about Anthony Fauci saving lives by withholding those drugs during his tenure in the 1980s as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, all the while pushing AZT, an extremely toxic drug that turned out to be “worse than the disease, and killed [gay men] faster than the natural progression of AIDS left untreated.”
Such a film would be the conservative, pro-establishment “masterpiece” that few would watch because its narrative tramples on the human spirit. It would, however, align with the values being trumpeted by today’s supposed liberals in response to Covid.
One day we will be able to talk — and sing and write — about this era openly, truthfully, and without mainstream backlash. Sometime in the 2030s, an Oscar-winning film is going to bear the credit, “Based on an article by…” someone who today has been relegated to the shadows.

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