Economic Reality and the Minimum Wage – Steve Chapman – Page full

A small minimum wage boost would not cause a big increase in unemployment, but only because it would not produce a big increase in the earnings of the affected workers.

The plausible argument for the change is that the benefit to these workers is large enough to outweigh the effects on the newly unemployed. But even that claim is tenuous. A study by economists Joseph Sabia of American University and Richard Burkhauser of Cornell found that “minimum wage increases between 2003 and 2007 had no effect on state poverty rates.”

In the picture painted by Obama and congressional Democrats, raising the minimum wage is an unmixed blessing, helping some people while harming no one. If you believe that, the next Bernie Madoff is out there, and with any luck he’ll find you.

via Economic Reality and the Minimum Wage – Steve Chapman – Page full.