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Without Free Speech, All Speech Becomes Government Speech – Foundation for Economic Education

By Barry Brownstein

A new survey conducted in the United States by the Campaign for Free Speech found 51 percent of Americans agreed with this statement: “The First Amendment goes too far in allowing hate speech in modern America and should be updated to reflect the cultural norms of today.” 48 percent thought, and a majority of millennials agreed, “hate speech” should be outlawed. An astonishing 54 percent of millennials thought jail time should be the consequence penalty for hate speech. Hate speech was not defined in the survey.

In a future democratic socialist administration mired in economic collapse, is it a stretch to predict that protection of free speech will continue to wane making criticism of government policies verboten?

If disagreement over the number of genders can’t be tolerated, surely disagreements on a debt jubilee or a wealth tax wouldn’t be tolerated either.

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Without Free Speech, All Speech Becomes Government Speech – Foundation for Economic Education

There is fundamental confusion on the source of our right to free speech. The right to free speech codified in the 1st Amendment is not a grant of the right of free speech; it is a prohibition against government interfering with an inherent right of Americans:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.

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Hoover Institution is proud to offer a new resource, “Liberalism, Old Style.” Written by famed conservative economist Milton Friedman, it’s a classic treatise on the key differences between classical liberalism and liberalism as you and I know it today.

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The Epidemic of Woke Politicians | Intellectual Takeout

By Martin Cothran

When all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. And when all you’ve got is politics (for an ideologue, everything is political), everything looks like it is resolvable by a law.

Hence the current discussion of gun laws.

In the ensuing days, you will hear politicians calling for new gun laws. We need them, they will say, in order to quell the epidemic of mass shootings.

Critics will point out…the thousands of non-mass shootings, far more numerous and equally egregious, are a far worse problem. But the woke politicians, quick on the draw, will point out that these critics are, of course, racist.

The critics will also point out that, short of a law that takes everyone’s guns away, the law in question will not eliminate or even noticeably reduce the problem of mass shootings. And besides, such opinions [according to ideologue politicians] are clearly racist, which goes without saying.

Undiscussed will be the more underlying problems, like how so many boys end up as alienated loners (almost without exception all the shooters are alienated, anti-social men). These problems will remain undiscussed because, first, being sociological or cultural problems usually related to the breakdown of the family, they are impervious to the mere passage of laws.

And, second, it would confront the ideologues with the fact that the breakdown of the family is the real problem and that they are culpable for bringing that problem about through their neglect and even animosity toward the traditional family.

And, of course, calling attention to these problems would be racist. Of course.

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Preferred Pronouns or Prison | PragerU

“The State can’t force people to say things they don’t believe.”

Justice Robert Jackson – West Virginia State Board of Education v Barnette (1943)

Source: Preferred Pronouns or Prison | PragerU

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Female Genital Mutilation: Why Are Doctors Silent?

“…we have seen a trend moving it away from villages and homes, where it has usually been done, and into hospitals, clinics, and private offices. The location change has ushered in a vocational change. Health professionals—doctors and nurses—are now frequently the ones performing this procedure on young girls.[5]

Medicalization is rapidly increasing around the world. For example, in Egypt and Sudan, where FGM/C is nearly universal, almost 80%[5] of procedures are performed by members of the health sector.”



Why are health professionals, who have sworn to do no harm, participating in a practice that is considered a human rights violation? A recent review[7] of 14 studies conducted in countries where FGM/C is common documented several ways that health professionals rationalize their participation.