Instead of Talking Points, A Real Jobs Agenda

…the best way to create jobs is to get government to stop trying to help. Free markets and small government are far more likely to produce the conditions that lead to more employment.

In other words, let the private sector flourish. The pursuit of profit is a powerful force for growth. To quote one of my favorite people, “businesses are not charities. They only create jobs when they think that the total revenue generated by new workers will exceed the total cost of employing those workers. In other words, if it’s not profitable to hire workers, it’s not going to happen.”

The real-world evidence may be the most compelling data. Jurisdictions such as Hong Kong and Singapore tend to produce more jobs and growth than statist nations such as France. In America, states such as Texas with smaller public sectors tend to out-perform states such as California where the burden of government is much larger.

If we really care about workers, particularly those without jobs, the most compassionate approach is prosperity rather than dependency.

via Instead of Talking Points, A Real Jobs Agenda.