Don’t Prop Up ObamaCare, AAPS Urges Republican Leaders

unnamed (1)If subsidies are threatened, there will likely be television ads showing people who are in the middle of cancer treatment, Orient notes. The media blitz will be paid for by special interests—the ones benefiting directly from the “safety net”: such as insurance companies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies.

“It would be far less expensive to buy actual care for the few who need it than to subsidize outrageously expensive, mandate-larded coverage for all,” she stated.

“Those who don’t need care will have more money if they drop coverage they don’t like and might not have bought, despite subsidies, if ObamaCare didn’t threaten to punish them.”

States have the option of licensing low-cost, true insurance plans that are not ACA-compliant. And such plans might have a burgeoning market if millions of potential customers were free of ObamaCare threats.

According to a Heritage Foundation survey, 69 percent agree that “passing new legislation to continue the Obamacare subsidies doesn’t fix the problem—it just prolongs it.”

via Don’t Prop Up ObamaCare, AAPS Urges Republican Leaders.