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Coronavirus and the Two Americas | International Liberty

“…the coronavirus has exposed the fault line between those who are subsidized by government and those who pay for government.

In her Wall Street Journal column, Peggy Noonan opines about how the “protected” don’t have to worry about the consequences of economic shutdowns.

…Since the pandemic began, the overclass has been in charge—scientists, doctors, political figures, consultants—calling the shots for the average people. But personally they have less skin in the game. The National Institutes of Health scientist won’t lose his livelihood over what’s happened. Neither will the midday anchor. I’ve called this divide the protected versus the unprotected. …

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Memento Mori: Fear in the Age of Coronavirus | Intellectual Takeout

Some perspective…

[In late 1968]…the Hong Kong Flu was sweeping through the country, eventually killing around 100,000 Americans, most of them over the age of 65, at a time when the United States had more than 100 million fewer people than it does today.

Life went on as usual. Schools, churches, and businesses remained open. Neighbors held backyard barbeques, Scout troops continued meeting, we shook hands and shared hugs

When we compare ourselves to the British who endured the torments of the Blitz or to the Americans who seemed almost oblivious to the Hong Kong Flu, why are we so terrified of this virus?

I ask these questions sincerely and without rancor, and have no real answers, only conjecture.

Perhaps our 24-hour news cycle has inflamed our apprehensions.

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Watch “What It’s Like to Believe Everything the Media Tells You” on YouTube

Another humorous but insightful perspective from J.P. Sears

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Coronavirus—April 2020 Part 6 | ImagineMD

virusGreat 6-part series about COVID19 covering multiple important issues since February 2020.

Part-6 includes a great discussion on importance of estimating, and eventually fine tuning, prevalence of COVID19 in general population so we can accurately interpret antibody serology test results for patients to help them guide decisions about work and family health.

A summary of topics covered in part-6 include:

  • Importance of Appropriate Studies
  • Should we wear masks
  • Should we get tested for antibody to COVID? What do results mean?
  • Estimating prevalence of COVID
  • The importance of calculating positive predictive value (PPV) and negative predictive value (NPP) as a function of prevalence

Source: Coronavirus—Apri2020 Part 6 | ImagineMD

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Watch “What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness | Robert Waldinger” on YouTube

The empericist in me celebrates the conclusions.

The intuitive part of me bears witness that we already knew this; either innately or by the collective awareness of unambiguous testimony throughout centuries of recorded history.

Things to ponder:

Why did this TED talk resemble a funeral eulogy of a life well lived, or life lessons backed up by scripture so often repeated by the pastor on Sunday mornings?

Because it’s true!

And it’s true regardless of how we know it; whether it be within the spark of creation or the instantaneous awareness of collective knowledge.

Now, will we act as if we believe the truth we acknowledge?