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Coronavirus—April 2020 Part 6 | ImagineMD

virusGreat 6-part series about COVID19 covering multiple important issues since February 2020.

Part-6 includes a great discussion on importance of estimating, and eventually fine tuning, prevalence of COVID19 in general population so we can accurately interpret antibody serology test results for patients to help them guide decisions about work and family health.

A summary of topics covered in part-6 include:

  • Importance of Appropriate Studies
  • Should we wear masks
  • Should we get tested for antibody to COVID? What do results mean?
  • Estimating prevalence of COVID
  • The importance of calculating positive predictive value (PPV) and negative predictive value (NPP) as a function of prevalence

Source: Coronavirus—Apri2020 Part 6 | ImagineMD