The Covid Response Has Broken Our Trust in American Institutions | The Daily Wire

This is one of the revealing essays of the pandemic era. To the extent we fail to come to grips with the realities exposited here by Dr. Atlas, we are doomed to fall victims again to the authoritarianism which have invited into our lives. ~ Forum for Healthcare Freedom

by Scott Atlas, MD

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Accountability remains absent from government leaders, public health officials, and scientists in failing to admit errors about lockdowns; some even distort their records and portray disastrous death tallies as “successes.” 

The CDC and public health leaders still fail to visibly acknowledge and then educate the public about the natural immunity in recovered COVID patients or to incorporate that biological fact into our nation’s vaccine policies. 

Serious problems with the data, including misleading PCR testing and overcounting of COVID as the cause of many hospitalizations and deaths in the United States, have never been explained to the public and acknowledged, even though it has been documented in the medical literature.

Why do these failures persist in a nominally science-based, freethinking, and ethical society like ours? Elite research universities, public health agencies, and top scientific journals quickly fell in line with herd thinking about the pandemic. Instead of open and free discourse to seek the scientific truths underlying urgently needed solutions, we have seen silencing, censoring, and slandering of scientists whose interpretations differed from the desired narrative. 

Prestigious journals are now openly contaminated with politics.  Academia and the research community, dominated by a single viewpoint, actively engage in intimidation and false declarations of consensus, as well as through abuse of the peer-review system. That intolerance has fostered a climate of fear and inhibited other scientists and health experts from contributing to the discussion, effectively inducing self-censorship.

Today, after all that we have endured from this pandemic, we still must ask why so few were willing to speak out when the most disastrous health policies in history were foisted on ordinary people and above all on our children, our country’s most precious resource.
Where were the scientists? The economists? The pediatricians and psychologists? The teachers and university leaders? The constitutional lawyers? The human rights advocates? The ethicists?

This crisis has also exposed what we all know has existed for years but have tolerated in this country—the overt bias of the media, the lack of diverse viewpoints on campuses, the absence of neutrality in controlling social media, and now more visibly than ever the intrusion of politics into science.

Ultimately, the freedom to seek the truth and openly state it is at risk.

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