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Watch “That CDC 6% COVID Death Rate, Explained” on YouTube

ZdoggMD gives an accurate, reasonable and rational explanation of the “6% COVID19 death rate” controversy.

Please, we can debate the efficacy and/or negative consequences of lock-downs and without resorting to misinterpretation of this data. Think through what the data means, and what it DOES NOT mean.

Think about comorbidities as you would survivors on the ocean floating in multiple life rafts.

The young & healthy are in the new life rafts made from the strongest puncture-resistent material and balanced to minimize the impacts waves. Those with serious comorbidities are in the oldest life rafts. The material is worn from years in the sun. The air valves tend to leak under pressure. The rubber has been patched multiple times and those patches are susceptible to erosion from water and sun. And the older rafts are flimsy & unbalanced which promotes taking on water more easily.

Think of COVID19 as high waves that splash into the rafts. The new rafts drain the water automatically and any excess is quickly bailed out by the healthy people in the raft. The older rafts take on water from waves more easily. This makes them more susceptible to tipping or sinking. And those inside the older rafts stay cold & wet, further weakening their ability to fight against the elements.

So those in the older life rafts might float & survive in a calm sea until rescued, but rain & wind would sink them much quicker than those in the newer rafts.

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4 Life-Threatening Unintended Consequences of the Lockdowns | Brad Polumbo

Brad Polumbo

Lockdowns come with a host of adverse unintended consequences, and some of them are deadly.

When policymakers across the country decided to “lock down” in response to the March outbreak of the novel coronavirus, they took a leap into the unknown. Not only did we know little about COVID-19 itself at that time, but we knew almost nothing about how shutting down nearly all of society would affect people.

Policymakers focused on their models predicting how lockdowns could help limit the spread of COVID-19; an important factor, to be sure. So, too, many acknowledged the negative economic ramifications of lockdowns. But in the months since, we’ve seen many other dire consequences stem from the unprecedented shutdown of society.

Future public health policy should take these four life-threatening unintended consequences of COVID-19 lockdowns into account.

Source: 4 Life-Threatening Unintended Consequences of the Lockdowns | Brad Polumbo

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Watch “The Candace Owens Show: Zuhdi Jasser” on YouTube

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim, speaks to Candace Owens about the dangers of political/theocratic Islam and its incompatibility with the Constitutional Representative Republic form of government in the USA. He discusses the ideological roots of theocratic Islam and it’s alliance with social collectivism and separtist/fascist movements of the 20th Century. He contends that disruption, by speaking truth to power, within the Muslim communities will be the only force effective enough to bring about reforms compatible with western democracy.