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The ‘Doc Fix’ and the end of Medicare – The Highland County Press – Hillsboro, Ohio

Dr. Keith Smith

All Ponzi schemes are unstable and doomed to fail. Medicare and Social “Security” will be no different.

The yearly postponement of SGR cuts was a bribefest held to tease and extort corporate health cronies and physicians. The “doc fix” was not an exception: just look at all the “stakeholders” acknowledged in its 263 pages.

The purpose of the SGR was to delay the bankruptcy and end of Medicare. The doc fix will hasten it.

Central to the progressive goal of controlling the practice of medicine — and to the success of the [Un]affordable Care Act (UCA) — is the need to push physicians into employment contracts with hospitals. As hospital employees, doctors are easier to control, and less able to act as uncompromising advocates for their patients.

Fear leads many doctors to succumb to “offers” of hospital employment they would otherwise not entertain. The threat of massive SGR cuts was a great fear generator.

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Stupid and Stupider: The SGR “Doc Fix”- Starring The House and The Doctors | krisheldmd

Kris Held, MD

The hyped SGR fix is a hoax, a diversion to distract my fellow physicians from the meat of the bill that forever puts a stake in the heart of the patient-physician relationship. The SGR fix becomes irrelevant when the “Alternative Payment Models” put forth in the bill go into effect. It’s frightening to realize that my gullible colleagues would embrace such radically transformational healthcare law without reading or understanding it. What if they approached medical literature in this fashion? Or what if there’s no limit to what they’ll do to keep getting their check from CMS? Is Hippocrates dead by the hand that bears the pen that signs his check?

The Doc Fix neuters the profession of medicine and transforms us from healers to heelers getting paid by doing exactly what HHS Secretary says, “Mother May I?”- doctor edition. Before you castigate me, read it yourself.

via Stupid and Stupider: The SGR “Doc Fix”- Starring The House and The Doctors | krisheldmd.