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The Libertarian Era? – John Stossel – Page full

The Libertarian Era? – John Stossel – Page full.


A primary care physician by training, my passion is researching and writing about the importance restoring patient centered care, supporting independent private physicians, promoting free-market solutions and seeking sustainable fiscal policy in healthcare.

2 thoughts on “The Libertarian Era? – John Stossel – Page full

  1. People ascribe to this thinking until they lose all the services and benefits of government. This is a big country. Needs a big government. A problem is not big government but the lack of efficient government


  2. Carl,

    What you describe is what I would call anarchy; granted there are some fringe elements that call themselves “libertarians” but they are in actuality anarchists. John Stossel is hardly an anarchist; neither is Senator Paul or the editors of Reason magazine.

    Efficiency is indeed a very big part of the solution. However, whether in business or government, at a certain critical size it seems more and more difficult to maintain efficiency. Even if it could be maintained, I would allege that corruption becomes more rampant as size and influence of government grows. This appears to be nearly a universal problem wouldn’t you agree? Efficiency would be hard to maintain under such conditions, as we is evidenced by our own federal bureaucracy.

    Government and some of the services it provide are necessary in a civil society and most Libertarians believe in basic functions of government; I don’t know any serious Libertarians that promote or advocate anarchy. Libertarians believe government has escaped its moorings and has is sailing way out of bounds from its constitutional anchor. Our constitution is very unique in that the theme or reference point is Individual Liberty with the constitution written to keep the government from intruding on that Liberty. It was meant to empower and liberate the individual and restrict the government. Our founders knew that an unrestrained government always leads to oppression and tyranny.

    I do have to admit that in Nazi Germany, the model of government efficiency, the trains did run on time! 😉


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