Member Spotlight: Dr. Jane Orient – Samaritan Ministries International

Third parties also will figure largely under the new health care law, which will put the needs of the “collective” ahead of doctors’ consciences and the physician-patient relationship, Dr. Orient says.

“It’s going to change the way physicians work,” she says. “Instead of being paid by their patients, they’re going to be accountable to managed care organizations, which are going to get a pile of money and then divvy it up based on how well you comply with what the third party thinks you should do. You’ll be punished for providing too much for some patients or for not doing the things they think you should do, and one of the things they think that maybe you should do is dehydrate and starve patients to death or withhold medical care from them.

via Member Spotlight: Dr. Jane Orient – Samaritan Ministries International.