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Back in 1992, the pesky people of Colorado petitioned the Taxpayer Bill of Rights onto the ballot and passed it, against the objections of these same potentates. And in the 22 years that followed, the aggrieved politicians have had neither the courage nor the democratic sensibility to take the issue back to the voters.

Why try to reason with the unwashed Rocky Mountain State masses about what is in their own best interest? Instead, the politically powerful have hired top-notch lawyers to sue in federal court to overturn the vote of the public they — ahem — serve.

For the people’s own good, no doubt.

Known by the acronym TABOR, the popular constitutional amendment limits the growth of government spending from year to year to the rate of inflation plus population growth — unless the people vote to approve higher spending levels. The amendment also requires voter approval for any tax increase, except in an emergency.

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