CONSUMER REPORTS: ‘7 steps to better doctor-patient communication’


A good article for anyone. A must read for doctors!


How to ensure you and your doctor are speaking the same language.

By Marvin Lipman, M.D., Chief Medical Adviser and Medical Editor

consumer-reports-logo_July_2010APRIL 24, 2014 – During a recent visit, a patient read from her notes taken during a conversation she had with a cardiologist. He had told her: “Your echocardiogram was unremarkable; the ejection fraction was 68 percent. There was no LVH. All of your laboratory tests were negative. I’ll send a note to your doctor.” With some embarrassment, she admitted that she had no idea what he was talking about.

There’s no excuse for such poor communication in this day and age when patients are being asked to take more responsibility for their own care. So I provided a translation: An echo­cardiogram is a moving image of the heart, and “unremarkable” meant that it looked the way it’s supposed to. The “ejection fraction” referred to the amount of…

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