Repeal (What?) and Replace (with What?) – by Dr. Jane M. Orient, MD

Repeal (What?) and Replace (with What?)

Dr. Jane M. Orient, MD

“Repeal” generally means “repeal ObamaCare,” which is often immediately qualified: “except for the parts we like.” The problem is that the parts you like depend on the parts you, or your fellow Americans, don’t like.

For example, you may like not being denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions. But you may not like having to pay more to cover other people’s pre-existings. You might like the “free” contraceptives, but not like the mandates that force you to pay for “free” care for other people’s children.

Then what do we replace it with? Republicans have a bunch of competing ideas. Each would replace the ObamaCare centrally planned system of subsidies, thresholds, and mandates with a different system of government dictates. The Republican mandates might be milder, at least at first. Call it ObamaCare Lite.

We’ve seen them do it before. We already have ClintonCare Lite: the so-called Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). That was supposed to solve the problem of pre-existings and insurance cancellation. It didn’t. What it did accomplish is to establish a pervasive web of federal controls over medical practice that becomes more expensive and onerous every year.

Republicans might use a different term, such as “refundable tax credits” instead of “subsidies,” but it’s still forced redistribution of wealth. The cut-off points (thresholds) constitute a cliff where marginal tax rates leap upward, punishing those who increase their income, and thus creating a poverty trap.

So how do we solve the problem?images (43)

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