30 years of Bad Nutritional Advice: I Owe My Patients An Apology

This short clip from the docu-movie “FAT HEAD”, might well explain why there were so many folks in my Grand Parents generation who ate the exact opposite of what the Lipid Hypothesis indicated we should eat (low saturated fat diets) yet they lived well into their eighties without coronary disease and few were obese.  To be clear, too many died of uncontrolled hypertension or CVA.  However, premature coronary disease and diabetes were not nearly as common before the push away from saturated fats and towards trans fats and high carbohydrate grains.  Many folks in that generation that grew up in rural areas ate grass fed beef, ate organ meat, made soup from bone broth and eggs from un-caged hens and used lard extensively in cooking. Grandma knew that bread and potatoes were fattening.