EDUCATION: 5 Key Points About Direct Primary Care (DPC)


5 Key Points About Direct Primary Care (DPC)

By The Heritage Foundation, Daniel McCorry

  1. Direct primary care is financed by direct payment, outside of insurance, usually in the form of a monthly fee. In return, patients have ready access to physicians who deliver continuous, comprehensive, and personalized primary care.
  2. Direct primary care resolves the growing frustrations with the current health care system, particularly problems with third-party payment, paperwork, and government bureaucracy, experienced both by patients and by their physicians.
  3. Preliminary data show excellent outcomes for patients enrolled in direct primary care and a reduction in health care costs.
  4. Policymakers should create a legal and regulatory environment that is less restrictive toward direct primary care.
  5. If policymakers will encourage change, innovation, and competition instead of just reacting to the increasingly dysfunctional status quo, the possibilities are endless.


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