COUNTRY DOC: ‘What if the president worked like doctors today?’

This article is a keen insight into the day in the life of a busy doc that uses a “work-saving” emr. The contrasts to the prioritization process of the Commander-in-Chief are superbly apropos. While I’m not suggesting that a family docs day is vital to national security, shouldn’t we still use Best Practices and maximize efficiency on all levels for all professions?

Concierge Medicine Today

Perhaps doctors should be more like the president.

After all, we also carry the ultimate responsibility for our constituents, even though we, too, have team members who do part of that work.

asdfThe way I understand things to work at the White House, those other team members collect, review and prioritize the information the president needs in order to manage his, and all our, business.

That is how things used to work in medicine, too, before computerization revolutionized our workflows. Nurses, medical assistants or secretaries would open the mail, gather the faxes, look over the lab and x-ray reports and put them on physicians’ desks in a certain order. Highly abnormal or time-sensitive information would be prioritized over routine “signature needed” forms, and in my case, essentially normal reports on patients already scheduled to be seen within a few days…

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