Michigan Governor Signs DPC Bill Into Law


Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has put his signature on S.B. 1033 (Public Act 522 of 2014), making the Wolverine State the seventh in the US to pass legislation to ensure that direct primary care practices are not treated as insurance products by state regulators.  Sen. Pat Colbeck, R-Canton, author of the law says the bill clears a path for “Michigan citizens gain access to higher quality, lower cost health care.”  (READ FULL STORY …)


NEW YORK: Company Pitches Membership Health and Telemedicine to Lawmakers.

States with DPC Laws:
By DPCare.org | Current as of January 22, 2015

  • —Washington – 48-150 RCW
  • Utah – UT 31A-4-106.5
  • —Oregon – ORS 735.500
  • —West Virginia- WV-16-2J-1—
  • Arizona – S.B. 1404
  • Louisiana – S.B. 516
  • Michigan – S.B. 1033

Michigan follows Louisiana, which passed S.B. 516 in August of 2014.  Federal regulations promulgated to establish health care exchanges as a part of…

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