Healthcare, it is the cost silly | Anthony Wunsh | LinkedIn

And the number one driver of these costs is the way care is paid for, and many if not most either don’t know this or disregard it in total. And sadly our latest attempt at care reform did nothing to reform care, and everything to enhance the insurance system, and in effect has driven the cost of both up at record rates.

To understand this we have to understand both what insurance is, and what health insurance has become. To begin with insurance is designed to be a protection against catastrophic loss due to unexpected or planned events. You can look at all other insurance and see how this model is designed to work effectively, homeowners,, life auto and others protect against these major events. And as such the premiums are driven by the risk associated with the event and the buyer of the insurance. You will pay more if you practice riskier behavior or your conditions create riskier environments. In none of these products does the cost of maintaining the item insured have to be provided by the insurer, and in fact in many you are contractually required to keep them in good condition.

via Healthcare, it is the cost silly | Anthony Wunsh | LinkedIn.

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