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Aetna CEO sees piles of taxpayer financed profits thanks to Obamacare |

aetna-chart-cc-565x502That’s nice. It sure is good to know that the crony deal of the century (so far) Obamacare, is working out for the giant insurance companies. I was worried for them.

I’m joking of course since the giant health insurance companies along with Big Pharma wrote a good piece of the law. A law which was not even supported by a majority of Americans but was forced through Congress on questionable procedural grounds. A law which has now financially addicted a good portion of the American people like it was designed to. Yep, good times for the health insurance companies.

Not the small businesses of course. That’s a different matter. But they don’t have lobbyists and friends in the White House so that’s the way it goes in Obama’s America.

And all the profits the Aetna CEO is so happy about? They are a direct transfer of wealth from the middle class via taxes to his corporation’s bottom line. Congratulations big government people. Way to embrace corporatism.

via Aetna CEO sees piles of taxpayer financed profits thanks to Obamacare |


A primary care physician by training, my passion is researching and writing about the importance restoring patient centered care, supporting independent private physicians, promoting free-market solutions and seeking sustainable fiscal policy in healthcare.

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