DPC JOURNAL SPOTLIGHT on Rohal, M.D.: “How the Amish Made Me a Better Doctor.”


rohalBy Patrick Rohal, M.D., Family Physician and Founder, CovenantMD

SEPTEMBER 8, 2015 – I’ve spent the last three years of my career as a doctor for the Amish.  It is frontier medicine.  I can regale you with stories of mangled hands immersed in cans of kerosene, arms and legs impaled with any number of small metal objects, injuries wrought by farm animals and table saws, of medical problems in states of extremis seldom seen and treated in outpatient clinics, of croupy toddlers finding relief from my breathing treatments at 2am.  I splint, cast, stitch, nebulize, hydrate, I.V. medicate, ingrown toenail extricate, and eye foreign body eliminate, all comers aged 1 day to 99 years.  And I treat diabetes and high blood pressure, too.  These are the joys of Family Medicine.

PHOTO: A day in the life of a doctor for the Amish.

I will launch CovenantMD, my new solo Direct…

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