1. If one just looks at how the majority of Islamic law countries operate when it comes to civil liberties and equal rights, then it becomes very clear that they do not view separation of religious ideology/beliefs from secular government the way we do in the U.S.; to most fundamental Muslims, there is no distinction. Is is not a far jump from the hard-line “secular” enforcement of Islam as part of Saudi Arabia civil law and that of the Theocratic rule in Iran where gay and women’s rights resemble something out of the dark ages. I total agree with Dr. Carson’s view of the constitution with regard to this issue. No one is disqualified to run for federal elected office based on their religion and there is not litmus test based on religion; however if those religious views are inconsistent with the constitution’s view of government as it applies to religion, and vice versa, then I don’t believe they are fit to govern. And not because of their religion, but because their beliefs make it impossible to defend, abide by and protect the constitution.


  2. Islam’s goal is to exterminate all non believers and set up a one world caliphate. By its very essence therefore, it must destroy America and our Constitution. So yes, it has nothing to do with freedom of religion. It is a matter of freedom “from” this particular religion. Moderate Muslims ? What are they ? Ones that say “Oh lets murder just 100 Christians and Jews today instead of 500” ? On they other hand many are in US military and have died and been wounded and so many Muslims are of valuable service to American society.


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