Mizzou Student: First Amendment Rights Create ‘Hostile’ And ‘Unsafe’ Learning Environments – Matt Vespa

In other words, these kids don’t want people having other views. They don’t want debate. And they think debate is poisonous, as evidenced by the Yale meltdown where some students wanted to end debate on the email about Halloween costumes. Oh, and did I mention that students spit on attendees at the William F. Buckley conference on free speech last weekend? Yeah, please tell me who is creating the unsafe and wholly incorrigible learning environment? If you feel like a gun is being held to your head for fear of offending these people, it’s not a learning environment. It’s the Gulag Archipelago. It’s a North Korean re-education camp, with the exception that there are no matching uniforms, prolonged physical torture, and summary executions.

Let’s call this what is is: segregation. As Katie wrote earlier, the black and white students were segregated into different safe space/healing zones last night. “Black only healing space” apparently is the official term. How is that different from “white only” or any other sign showing institutionalized race-based segregation? What’s so frightening is that liberals are successful because they, ironically, strategize through that prism. As Ben Shapiro has said often, liberals think institutionally, conservative think individually. As a result, they’re better at organizing, pushing a narrative, and entrenching their agenda within the institutions they wish to mutilate.

Source: Mizzou Student: First Amendment Rights Create ‘Hostile’ And ‘Unsafe’ Learning Environments – Matt Vespa

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  1. I wonder if they ever considered it is the first amendment that gives them the right to make these protests and demands. I wonder if they realize if they were gone and a party of another opinion was in power they would be jailed and persecuted for making these points.

    More interesting to consider, the hunger strike student comes from a family worth over 20 million dollars. Yesterday reports were coming out connecting him directly to our President and today reports that the newly appointed interim President made race relations videos with him.

    If it were me at this college, I would have canceled all the athletes scholarships on the spot and required them to leave the campus immediately or pay the boarding costs and tuition fees. I would have canceled the football season and made clear I would not start it again next year unless guarantied it would not be used as a pawn in an agenda. But hey that is just me.


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