The New Road to Serfdom

“The policy by which every western economy has operated since the War (WWII), where you deliberately manipulate interest rates so as to punish thrift and reward profligacy flies in the face not just of Biblical teaching, but flies in the face of every classical philosopher, of every classical writer, of every monotheistic religion and of common sense. It is this phenomenon of the half-educated; the people who have colonized our central banks and our academia. But the one lot of people who profit most from it, are the governments themselves.” 

“The most brilliant thing was the way your founders, without any first-hand experience of it, foresaw the dangers inherent in the centralization of power. Thomas Jefferson said, ‘in a country this size, if we had a single government, it’s members at such a distance and out from under the eye of their constituents, could not but give in to corruption, plunder and waste.’ “


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