The Myth and Reality of Trickle-Down Economics | International Liberty

…allowing everyone to pursue all the opportunities they can in the marketplace, with the minimal level of taxation and regulation, will create generalized prosperity. The value of cutting taxes is not just cutting them for higher income groups, but for everyone. Letting everyone keep more of the value they create through exchange means that everyone has more incentive to create such value in the first place, whether it’s through the ownership of capital or finding new uses for one’s labor.

Now that we’ve dispensed with the silly left-wing caricature of trickle-down economics, let’s discuss how there actually is a sensible way to think about the issue.

Source: The Myth and Reality of Trickle-Down Economics | International Liberty


  1. Hillary once again condemned trickle down. But Bill And Barack said in pre passage Obama Care ad that Obama care would free employers from giving health ins to workers so the companies could hire more workers, expand business and raise wages. All of that is trickle down lies. The companies increase profit, dump health care on fed gvt /medicaid/ssi, invest in non job creating ventures and give ceo’s raises and export jobs. Just like during Reagan trickle down tax breaks a lie too. The only thing trickling down are wages and evaporating middle class.


  2. To the government cronies, trickle-down means something totally different. Point being, the way leftist’s describe trickle-down doesn’t occur in the real world other than when it is a “shovel-ready” project or Solydra. But the effects of across the board tax cuts that pull rates down to the sweeter point of the Laffer curve do put more money in the hands of people, not just the wealthy. And this is important regardless of whether the spend or save, and especially if the save or accumulate more net wealth. It raises hourly GDP. It is the cost of benefits combined with eroding value of currency and falsely calculated inflation (higher than reported) that is holding real wages down. [See the Big Heist trailer and Dave Chase’ article in Forbes about PPO heist]. ObamaCare was always a crony-driven deal behind the scenes. And remember 98% of larger firms of the size that ship jobs overseas already provide health insurance. They were un-phased by the ACA. It is the high corporate rates combined with the perversions in Subcorp C double taxation and export/import loopholes that drive jobs overseas.


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