Lamberts, MD: “Why we should welcome questions from our patients.”

“If you look up the word “compliance” in a thesaurus, the first synonym (at least in my thesaurus) is “obedience to.” This implies that non-compliant patients are, at least to some degree, equivalent to disobedient patients. This is borne out by the reaction many patients seem to expect of me when they “confess” they haven’t taken prescribed medications: they look guilty — like they are expecting to be scolded. I guess scolding is what they’ve had in the past. Certainly hearing my colleagues complain about “those non-compliant patients,” I am not shocked that they scold their patients. It’s as if the patient is not taking their medication with the express intent of irritating their doctor.”

Concierge Medicine Today

DPC Doctors Clint Flanagan, MD (Nextera in CO.) and Dr. Robert Lamberts, MD (Augusta, GA), emphasize the importance of DPC coupled with employer partnerships last weekend (Aug 1, 2015) at the CMT Atlanta Concierge Medicine Assembly alongside DPC Journal Editor in Chief .

I was talking with a few friends not long ago.  Our conversation somehow got to the issue of authority, and what exactly respect for authority looks like.  One of them, trying to make a point, turned to me and asked: “So you surely deal with people who don’t listen to what you have to say.  What do you do when your patients don’t take the medications you prescribe?”

I think he was expecting me to be Mr. Furious and lash out against the patients who don’t give proper respect for my authority.  Most people have heard how irritated…

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