Venezuela Reminds Us That Socialism Frequently Leads to Dictatorship –

In 1944, when he wrote his book, Hayek noted that the crimes of the German National Socialists and Soviet Communists were, in great part, the result of growing state control over the economy. As he explained, growing state interference in the economy leads to massive inefficiencies and long queues outside empty shops. A state of perpetual economic crisis then leads to calls for more planning.

Hayek was fortunate enough to live to see the defeat of both the Nazi and Soviet totalitarian regimes. Unfortunately, there are still places where Hayek’s most dire warnings remain relevant. Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuela is one such place.

Source: Venezuela Reminds Us That Socialism Frequently Leads to Dictatorship –

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  1. I disagree. You won’t see dictatorship arise in the Scandinavian countries nor in present day Europe’s other countries because democracy is firmly entrenched. The centralization of economic power has not lead to the centralization of political power as the means of production as well as the government are owned and run by the people and constitutional emplacements. Pre WW 2 Italy and Germany are aberrations not the rule. The dictatorship already exists in countries that are allegedly socialist or communist in nature. The two terms are used to mask what the dictatorship really is which is an oligarchy of thugs and not socialist or communist at all.As far as South and Central America goes democracy was never fully realized from the moment Spain et al were thrown out in early 1800’s. The people just exchanged one form of dictatorship for another much to their dismay whether it be aristocracy or military .


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