Debt Limit Should Be an Opportunity rather than a Crisis | International Liberty

…”there won’t be a default for the simple reason that the federal government collects far more money than needed to pay all bondholders without any delay.
…the Treasury will be collecting more than 10 times as much revenue as needed to fulfill obligations to the folks who have lent money to Uncle Sam.

Just as Obama’s various Treasury Secretaries would have “prioritized” payments to bondholders, Trump’s Treasury Secretary will do the same thing if push comes to shove.

Some budget experts on the left know this is true so they try to blur the issue by stating that it is “default” to postpone payment on any type of government spending. 

If Donald Trump wanted to force good policy from Congress, he could threaten to veto any debt limit that wasn’t accompanied by something desirable such as a spending cap or entitlement reform. The politicians on Capitol Hill would balk of course, but Trump could shrug his shoulders and start “prioritization” once the debt limit was reached. So long as all bondholders received promised payments, there would be no danger to financial markets. By contrast, however, the various interest groups feeding at the federal trough would begin to squeal once their checks started slowing down. At some point, Congress would be forced to capitulate.”


  1. entitlement reform-usually this is accomplished by hurting millions like Mrs Wilson(imaginary example) getting her social security cut and food stamp allowance cut that makes her completely unable to support herself and no corporate welfare (entitlement).


    1. That is not of course what Libertarians and fiscal conservatives mean when they say entitlement reform. There’s so much room for real reform in the way we fund and administer Social Security and Medicaid without damaging the safety net. Based on the way it’s funded, Social Security is a Ponzi scheme pure and simple and it is unsustainable. Medicare on its current cost trajectory is all so clearly unsustainable and will dominate the budget and Crush other needs within 50 years. We have to address these things. The Social Security trust fund is full of a bunch IOUs zero cash. Can the way Medicare budget and accounting is figured would make your head spin and your jaw drop


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