Same Transparent Price to Any Willing Buyer

By Robert Nelson, MD

Within many of the posts regarding the challenges facing healthcare, someone – usually out of frustration – will inevitably pose the following: “So what is the solution?”

Well, the answers won’t be found in repeating partisan talking points. Especially the ones based on economic fallacies and socio-economic myths, so often repeated they have become dogma for the healthcare surrogate we call a “health plan”, despite its sub-par effect on mortality and health when compared to other socio-economic factors. This industrialization of healthcare has been orchestrated to be over-priced by pundits and politicians, on the right and the left, who pander for influence, money and votes. They claim that we need more of it, covering more items for more people. By design, it crowds out more cost-effective alternative sources of funding. It is the ultimate healthcare inflation machine.

The solution is to utilize different financial strategies for different segments of healthcare, using tools to maximize their effectiveness. This begins with the deflationary & stabilizing effect that real prices have when they are known in advance for the vast majority of healthcare services exchanged between buyers and sellers, most of which takes place in a non-emergent scenario.




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