Lamberts, MD: ‘Thank you, sir, for letting me into your home. Thank you for trusting me when you didn’t want to trust a doctor.’

Nothing more needs to be said…


The Freedom to Care

August 21, 2014 I got the following email a few weeks ago (details changed for confidentiality reasons):

Dear Sir, 

I read about your unique practice online.   I have an 91 year old ambulatory father who will not go to a doctor.  He definitely is not well and this is the only way I can get him the attention he needs.   He is adamant about not wanting medical interventions, however he still needs to be seen by someone.  Despite his weakness, he has a strong will and cannot be made to go to a medical office.  I told him I would try to find a physician to come to the house.  

He lives in Augusta.  I would retain you as needed.  Thank you for your reply.

The son who wrote this lives in-state, but a few hours away, and was…

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