Let’s Not Let the Cure Be Worse Than the Disease

Do all the mandated shut-downs designed to slow the spread of CIVID -19 justify the social and psychological and cultural price we are inflicting on ourselves, and the economic calamity to follow? Unemployment could realistically hit 15 – 20%, a level we haven’t seen since the Great Depression.

Are the draconian policies, nearing that of a police state in some areas, actually decreasing the disease burden in hospitals compared to a more liberal approach with voluntary distancing and common sense?

Comparing the more socially libertarian policies of Sweden’s approach to the pandemic vs the more heavy-handed approach in the U.S., a case can be made that our authoritarian mandates are no more effective at slowing spread of the virus; thus calling into question if the outcome of these tactics will justify the devastation.

The preliminary data from Sweden, which has not ordered closures and is encouraging people to distance voluntarily and use common sense, shows about 554 cases per million people compared to about 750 cases per million people in U.S.

Granted the largest city in Sweden has population has just over a million people, but schools and shops remain open. Commerce has slowed, but people are free to move about while most are practicing physical distancing & taking respiratory precautions.

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