Social Responsibility is an Individual Matter

I didn’t realize raising a question about voluntary vs mandated shelter-in-place would arouse such an emotional response from readers on social media.

As if favoring voluntary non-coercive guidelines is irresponsible; tantamount to killing neighbors, friends and co-workers.

How, in a short span of 6 – 8 weeks, did we manage to relinquish our inalienable individual sovereignty in our civil society? Instead, allowing the most basic of freedoms – the choices to self-regulate, trade and freely associate – to be taken away in exchange for a strategy of coercive mandates, which risks devastation to our way of life that we haven’t seen since the Great Depression.

Be safe.
Be smart.
Be prudent.
Be careful.
Be respectful.
Be generous.

But maybe we can do it with a bit more freedom and self-determination…if only our leaders really believed in such ideals rather than giving them lip-service at election time.
#governance #covid19 #policymaking

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