COVID Mitigation 2.0: Replacing the Blunt Instrument of Wide-spread Shelter-at-Home

The financial engine of our economy is idling. Yes, it is running, but it will run out of gas soon if we don’t put it in gear and drive to nearest gas station to fill-up for the journey ahead.

Hopefully, wise preparatory-minded business and government leaders have been planning how to safely return workers to their jobs; those who still have jobs, that is.

Many of us, including this blog, declared weeks ago that we should/could have a mitigation strategy that was more targeted with fewer prohibitions. A strategy which protects the most vulnerable, identifies & isolates cases quickly and uses rapid contact tracing combined with precision restrictions; as opposed to indiscriminate universal distancing. A strategy such as this, which is not substantially different from that employed by Sweden, preserves protective socioeconomic stability and the resources that it brings to bear. Because if the economy collapses, it won’t matter if “flatten the curve.”

With reliable (high sensitivity/high specificity) rapid (20 minute) antibody detection assays coming available, that have been approved under Emergency Use Authorization protocols by the FDA, we have a reasonable way to assess who may have had COVID19 and recovered; the presumption being that they have some immunity to the virus. This test would not only give us a clearer picture of the real prevalence of COVID19, but a more accurate gage of the case mortality rate. As a more practical benefit, if the immune status of an employee is know and they subsequently become ill, then it help rule in or rule out CIVID19 as a cause.

There are reliable and reasonable protocols that virtually every employer can implement to get business up and running.

It’s time to put the car in gear and drive!

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