Lock-down and Shut-up: When Science Doesn’t Support Policy, Politicians Double-down on Fear Mongering

  • There is no clear correlation to when various States went into lock-down and the time to peak or the magnitude of cases or deaths per 100,000. There is a similar non-correlation between countries across the same metrics.
  • Prevalence studies indicate number of infected people is MUCH higher than most realized suggesting COVID19 is highly contagious yet very mild in vast majority of people. This also suggests restrictive lockdowns are minimally effective.
  • Predictive models have consistently over-stated the incidence of COVID19 and deaths.
  • A higher prevalence indicates a much lower case fatality rate than was originally published.
  • With a Vaccine greater than a year away and no antiviral agents available, herd immunity is vital
  • Prolonged distancing slows the herd immunity, which is likely to be the quickest and safest way to protect those most at risk.
  • Prompt testing, proper isolation of suspected/proven cases and protection of those at high risk of complications is vitally important
  • Opening the economy gradually will be important to support the efforts of our communities to continue vigilant case monitoring and appropriate care for severe cases.

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