Watch “2017/02/25: Jordan Peterson: Postmodernism: How and why it must be fought” on YouTube

The doctrine driving the turmoil & destruction in many of our larger cities, cloaked in a banner of pseudo-moralism, has hijacked the legitimate protests over the death of George Floyd. The violence is an unfortunate, yet natural and predictable consequence of the same doctrine which animates the anti-free speech, victim-oppressor narrative cancel-culture which is so pervasive on our universities and on social media. This pernicious philosophy attracts nefarious malcontents from the social Darwinists, the Utopian Socialists, and most reprehensibly the Neo-Marxists.

It is referred to as Postmodernism and the foot soldiers (ANTIFA and others) of this anti-western, anti-individual sovereignty, mob-rule philosophy are being trained in our own universities funded with our tax dollars.

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