Op-Ed: Will the Real COVID Experts Please Stand Up? | MedPage Today

As we ease slowly into a period of fewer covid-era restrictions, it is instructive to look back on what we endured. We would be wise to ponder what was worthwhile and what ill-advised. What was the net positive, or negative, of the entirety of the pandemic interventions and restrictions?

Not only should we do a careful post-hoc analysis, but there are some principles of public policy that should always be consulted & followed by decision-makers when crafting any government interventions. The editorial listed below takes a insightful look at this issue.
~ Forum for Healthcare Freedom

“…we ask, what do epidemiologists, infectious disease physicians, pediatricians, pediatric infectious disease doctors, front line physicians, virologists, intensivists, and Tony Fauci, MD, think? But none of these ‘tags’ or symbols is synonymous with good policy.

In fact — and I hate to say it — unlike your internal ‘personal’ risk thermostat, the policy thermostat actually does have a right answer. We might not know it, but there are surely policies that maximize human well-being and ones that do not. The problem is there is no set of credentials that predict the people who advocate for good policy from those who advocate for bad policy. The folks who are reasonable in this space can come from art history or epidemiology, but what unites them is understanding a set of core principles and thinking. Let me take a stab at what those principles are:”


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