The So-Called Meritocracy Isn’t The Problem | The Daily Wire

Welcome to Friday’s Philosophical Foray beyond Healthcare!

Ben Shapiro discusses a more inclusive view of Meritocracy; one which does not exclude virtuous behavior but rewards it as synergistic to the economic benefits of “skillsocracy”

But in a moral society, we find noneconomic ways of treasuring virtue. We cultivate friendships; we provide honor and respect; we build communities on virtue and exclude those people who do not abide by such moral standards.

This means that a skillsocracy ought not be at odds with a virtuous society. Far from it. The so-called “meritocracy” need not devolve into a moral measure of intelligence and hard work; indeed, in a healthy society, it must not. But by the same token, we must never destroy the skillsocracy as a supposedly expedient way to revive moral living. That effort would be both unsuccessful and wildly counterproductive.

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