Watch “Tim McGraw – Humble And Kind (Official Video)” on YouTube

When those moments overcome us…stop…just be humble and kind.

When the duplicity and arrogance of politicians surrounds us; when cognitive dissonance is so loud it hurts the psyche; when cruelty between our fellow humans is always on display; when pride & prejudice crowds out compassion; when vigorous civil debate is scorned violently by group-think ideological mobs; when mostly peaceful protests resemble a war zone; when tribalism & group identity overshadow individual sovereignty; when content of character is no longer sufficient for respect; when inclusiveness is defined by color; when the credibility of ideas & opinions rise or fall based on immutable characteristics of the speaker; when biology is replaced by subjective nebulous criterion for male & female; when mathematics is somehow racist; when achievement equates to oppression; when a new racism threatens to undo the progress of the past 200 years; when justice never seems to apply to the elite political class; when cheaters appear to prosper; when we start to wonder if our lives & behavior & examples make any difference at all…remember it’s good to think globally, but it is incumbent on each individual to act locally in a way that improves their character, uplifts their families and empowers their community: Always be humble and kind

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