Farewell to LinkedIn – by Ian Weinberg – Ian’s Newsletter

“Following some banter on LinkedIn today I was suspended – probably reported to management. This time its permanent. I will not be appealing for re-acceptance by a platform which has reached this level of censorship. Taking a step back one has difficulty in fully comprehending what has occurred. I argued a case supported with references about the dangers of the vax. Anything which even remotely contributes to vax hesitancy is censored. Let me repeat that – validated pieces of scientific information are censored if they portray the vax in a negative light. This is what it comes down to.

While this was all developing, I read that one of the original and most reputable of the published articles on Alzheimer’s research has been found to be fraudulent!

It is imperative therefore that those who are averse to being captured by the spin inherent in popular narratives, continue to question with a healthy dose of scepticism. Free and unfettered dialogue is essential if we are to contribute to an authentic, consistent and sustaining perspective.”

Source: Farewell to LinkedIn – by Ian Weinberg – Ian’s Newsletter


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