Democracy is Dead, and Democracy Killed it – Foundation for Economic Education

This FEE article is a superb essay on the dangers of politicians loosely using the word “democracy” to promote despotism. This is in contrast with the synergistic relationship between economic freedom & political freedom, where one begets the other and they protect each other. I’m fond of saying in my writing and talks that political/personal freedom & economic freedom are inseparable. This essay nails it.

To quote:

“It is a painful twist of irony, that, in the name of “democracy,” big government is attacking civil society and capitalism, and thus making society less democratic. The actions of big government are antithetical to actually representing the people. Tocquevillian democracy gives individuals their communal voice, while Misesian democracy gives them their economic voice. It is democratic despotism that silences the voice of the people.

To restore American democracy, we must free our communities and our markets.”

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