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Rob Lamberts, MD: “Rethinking Reform …”

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The fatal error in health care

By Rob Lamberts, MD | Physician  | DPC Journal/CMT Contributor -- By Rob Lamberts, MD | Physician | DPC Journal/CMT Contributor —

The janitor approached my office manager with a very worried expression.  ”Uh, Brenda …” he said, hesitantly.

“Yes?” she replied, wondering what janitorial emergency was looming in her near future.

“Uh …well … I was cleaning Dr. Lamberts’ office yesterday and I noticed on his computer …”  He cleared his throat nervously, “Uh … his computer had something on it.”

“Something on his computer? You mean on top of the computer, or on the screen?” she asked, growing more curious.

“On the screen.  It said something about an ‘illegal operation.’  I was worried that he had done something illegal and thought you should know,” he finished rapidly, seeming grateful that this huge weight lifted.

Relieved, Brenda laughed out loud, reassuring him that…

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A primary care physician by training, my passion is researching and writing about the importance restoring patient centered care, supporting independent private physicians, promoting free-market solutions and seeking sustainable fiscal policy in healthcare.

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