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These are significant drop offs in a short time. I would add that a similar drop off might happen in Medicaid. Obamacare was largely an expansion of Medicaid dependency. Medicaid-eligible people have different incentives than those eligible for subsidized private coverage in Obamacare exchanges. The latter had to sign up during open enrollment, but most did have to pay some share of premium themselves. If they found that premium too hard to finance, they will have dropped out. A Medicaid-eligible person has no financial hurdle to signing up, but he also is not limited by open enrolment. So, a healthy Medicaid-eligible person has little incentive to sign up for Medicaid until he gets sick.Many millions of Obamacare dollars were spent on sales and marketing, getting people to sign up. Many signed up for Medicaid. As these sales and marketing budgets peter out, so will the interest of Medicaid-eligible people in taking the time necessary to navigate the bureaucracy necessary to enroll.

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