The 7 Types of People Direct Primary Care Works Best For – by Richard R. Samuel, MD


The modern movement towards direct primary care integrates the advances of medical science over the last 50 plus years with the qualities that made the old-fashioned family doctor so beloved.

In addition to the benefits we’ve detailed in previous lessons, this hybrid approach is an ideal approach for the following types of people:

1.  Patients with lower cost, large deductible insurance policies “catastrophic plans”, as these products typically do not pay for outpatient visits.

2.  Patients who value wellness and want to stay healthy.

3.  Patients with complex medical histories typically requiring frequent medical visits and needing more time with their provider.

4.  Patients who want to take charge of their own health care, without government or insurance interference.

5.  Patients who make too much income to qualify for Affordable Care Act ACA subsidies.

6.  Patients who are self-employed, and those who receive no or little insurance from their employer.

7.  Patients who are between jobs and have no insurance coverage, or those whose insurance coverage has been cancelled.

Busy working professionals, small business owners and their employees as well as active families find the convenience, affordability and accessibility attractive in their daily routines, and once they discover the benefits of direct primary care, they rarely go back to the “traditional” model.

To your health,

Richard R. Samuel, MD, ABFP

via The 7 Types of People Direct Primary Care Works Best For.

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