LAMBERTS, MD: “Computerized Epic Failure.”

Dr. Lamberts: Once again, right on target. I would have laughed a little harder, but then I realized how true and emblematic your story really is. It gets repeated perhaps thousands of times per day in doctor’s offices across the country.
I guess our choices are to laugh, cry or move to Colorado! Or maybe opt out of the madness by starting a DPC practice and hope others follow!


October 14, 2014 – Good news: my local hospital has the fanciest, newest, coolest computer system (costing major bucks, of course) and now is routinely sending me “transition of care” documents on my patients.

Bad news: they are horrible.

Seriously, we get several of these documents per day and often can’t figure out what the document is about.  On the bright side, sometimes after taking 10-20 minutes of looking through the 12-14 page document, we do actually gain some useful information.

Here’s an example of what we get:   (Scroll Down …)

Search as I may, I see no primary diagnosis, nor have I ever seen a “diamond” next to a problem on the list.  Searching for diamonds makes me feel like a treasure hunter, though.  Perhaps they could make this a reality TV show on Lifetime: “Doctor Diamond Hunters.”

I am, however, informed about the…

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