Obamacare: Most-Used Plans Face Double-Digit Average Premium Increases – Guy Benson

post1The average price of the most popular ObamaCare health insurance plans rose 10 percent for 2015, according to a new study of premium figures published Friday by the Department of Health and Human Services HHS…Not only are premiums increasing, but if consumers do not pick a different plan, they could pay more due to annual changes in how subsidies are calculated.

That’s according to the administration itself — and we know how scrupulously transparent they are about reporting unhelpful news, don’t we?  This double-digit average increase for consumers who’ve signed up for Obamacare’s most popular plans speaks to another problem we addressed over the summer: Namely, as the exchanges’ so-called “benchmark” plans change from year to year, a large number of customers will be forced to decide between absorbing higher costs as previous benchmark plans hike their rates, and uprooting themselves from their existing plan — again, in many cases.  And, as usual, this doesn’t even address the high out-of-pocket costs associated with Obamacare’s “affordable” plans.  Plus, it’s tough to anticipate the full extent of the chaos that will befall the already buggy subsidy calculation regime if the Supreme Court reaches the correct conclusion in this important case.  No wonder many uninsured Americans are saying ‘thanks but no thanks’ to the law supposedly passed for their benefit, according to the latest Kaiser poll:

via Obamacare: Most-Used Plans Face Double-Digit Average Premium Increases – Guy Benson.

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