Will Trumponomics Mean More Freedom and Prosperity? | International Liberty

Dan Mitchell

I was sitting directly under a television in a Caribbean airport yesterday when Trump got inaugurated, so I inadvertently heard his speech.

The bad news is that Trump didn’t say much about liberty or the Constitution. And, unlike Reagan, he certainly didn’t have much to say about shrinking the size and scope of Washington.

On the other hand, he excoriated Washington insiders for lining their pockets at the expense of the overall nation. And if he’s serious about curtailing sleaze in DC, the only solution is smaller government.

But is that what Trump really believes? Does he intend to move policy in the right direction?

Well, as I’ve already confessed, I don’t know what to expect. The biggest wild card, at least for fiscal policy, is whether he’ll be serious about the problem of government spending. Especially entitlements.

Source: Will Trumponomics Mean More Freedom and Prosperity? | International Liberty

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  1. It’s a big country so it needs a big government. The matter would be to cut redundancy, continue to prosecute medicare fraud, keep R & D for weaponry but don’t need to produce so many jet fighter$ and bomber$. Who can challenge US military with status quo? Building more ship$ and sub$ is a waste because they are merely easy targets. The problem is not big government but lack of efficiency . Debt and deficit will increase just for interest on debt, and as 50 million boomers retire the system will have to borrow ,(more debt) or drastically cut benefits. Military, social security and medicare , interest on debt are about 97% of budget so there is not much much to cut from 3% and that funds everything else. Any cuts there are mere pennies. They call Obama the food stamp president. Well if good paying jobs have left and what remains is $9 and hour take it or leave it millions more qualify for food stamps.

    I have one “radical” proposal re economy.: “If you sell it here you have to make it here”.That still allows foreign investment and profit while employing more people to pay into the system(revenue increase) and when 5,000 workers return to jobs in an industrial county the restaurant returns, the car dealership returns as well as department stores and need for service workers creating an upward spiral of prosperity. The problem there would be price controls to stop inflation so extra money in pocket becomes meaningless.


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