Are You Sure You Want Medicare for All? –

A big part of the problem, as Cato’s Tanner pointed out earlier this year is that “Americans want widely contradictory things from health-care reform. They want the highest-quality care for everyone, with no wait, from the doctor of their choice. And they want it as cheap as possible, preferably for free.” Promising, as Sanders and Warren do, to give everybody high-quality health care without regard for ability to pay will always find an enthusiastic audience. But delivering on that promise is likely to give us not the illusion of Medicare for All, but rather its awful, unsustainable reality.

Source: Are You Sure You Want Medicare for All? –


  1. Yep… it would pay for a lot from pure monetary standpoint. But that bring us to the role of gov’t under our constitutional republic. And national defense is one thing individuals, employers, or even State gov’t cannot do for us. I want those fighters and THE BEST DEFENSE bar none… so we can indeed “walk softly and carry a big stick”… as Jefferson would have wanted. When it comes to healthcare, we the people, at the community and state level can figure that out on our own. The Swiss get it, and they seem to have learned the lessons of federalism better than we did from our own founders. They have smaller central gov’t and more influential and independent canton govt’s. Oh, and the Swiss also have a debt break and spending caps at national level. And, no they are not a super power. But if we concentrated federal spending on the things gov’t is supposed to do as laid out in the constitution, we would see economic growth that is unparalleled.


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