How NOT following my dreams enabled me to build a startup with 3.2 million users

For every entrepreneur who’s clocking three hours of sleep each night and going prematurely grey, I’d like to offer an alternative path.

This path led me to build JotForm in one of the most competitive industries around: online forms. Even Google Forms stepped into the ring, and remains one of our toughest competitors.

But we persevered — for 12 years and counting. We’re still one of the leading players, with 3.2 million users and 100 employees, and we’ve done it without taking a single dime in outside funding.

This is not a story of overnight success or following my dreams straight to the top of TechCrunch. I’ve built this business slowly, while maintaining my freedom and my personal life.

I believe that bootstrapping is a great approach for entrepreneurs, and I’d love to share what I’ve learned along the way.

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