A Majority of Americans Are “Anti-Vaxxers”? – by Aaron Siri – Injecting Freedom

The zealous and often illogical promotion of vaccines by the government appears to have officially turned a majority of Americans into anti-vaxxers.  Not metaphorically, but apparently, literally as a matter of basic English. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “anti-vaxxer” as “a person who opposes … regulations mandating vaccination.”

In reality, based on the more common, colloquial use of this term, even more Americans are anti-vaxxers.  According to mainstream media, if you raise questions about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines – anti-vaxxer!  If you raise questions about the efficacy of this vaccine – anti-vaxxer!  If you question the FDA, CDC, or White House guidance on this vaccine – anti-vaxxer!  If you want pharma companies to be liable for vaccine injuries – anti-vaxxer!  If you want long term placebo-controlled trials prior to licensure – anti-vaxxer!  If you raise concerns about breakthrough cases – anti-vaxxer!  If you think natural immunity has anything to offer without a vaccine – anti-vaxxer!!!


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